6 Secrets To Rapid Occupancy – Secret #6

While the U.S. economy may have tanked, money is still cheap in Canada. So cheap that apartment vacancy rates are only 2%-3%. I talk to a lot of REITs and property owners/managers everyday. Here’s the trend I see: Savvy marketers and investors are leveraging their cash by building out their website assets:
  1. Booking professional photo shoots of their best units as “evergreen” assets
  2. Staging their “homes”and creating videos to differentiate their properties from the majority of apartments that feature “beige box” images
  3. Undergoing website makeovers
    • If you have more than twelve (12) buildings, may we recommend Landlord Web Solutions, the industry leader for this size of website.
    • If you have 1 – 11 buildings, we have a powerful economical solution to fit your budget.
Contact me today to discuss a budgetary proposal for a website makeover ian(at)apartmentvideo.ca

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