7 Secrets To A Better Bottom Line

We are now at the beginning of 2013, so lets ‘up our game’ a little and add more cash to the bottom line.
Vacancies have dropped in most of the country, as homeowners sell and move into temporary residence. It’s time to recognize this and take advantage of two trends:
  1. Earning higher income from your properties as a result of lower vacancies – supply & demand – more well heeled potential tenants
  2. Investing more on your website through staging, video, photos, and SEO.
After 3 years of filming and promoting videos for the top property managers in Canada, I think you’ll be shocked to find out what I discovered works (and doesn’t work) in apartment marketing today.
Market demand for rental apartments is approaching levels not seen since the early 1980’s. The trend for smart marketers is towards driving all market traffic to improved company websites – and charging slightly higher rents.
Secret #1: Today the way to rent apartments fast, and for the highest income, is via high-definition video and high-resolution photography of a “dressed up” staged apartment delivered in real time over the internet.
No more beige boxes!
All this new marketing material should be displayed on your improved corporate website. Save cash for investing elsewhere, and use only FREE listing sites like FreeRentalSite.com and others…there are many, so stop paying for internet listing services.
Tune up your website and start driving ALL traffic to your own website!
To learn more, please contact me
Stay tuned for Secret #2…

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