6 Secrets To Rapid Occupancy – Secret #5

Just to clarify, I’m not in the home decorating business. I’m in the income-producing apartment business. I’ve been eliminating vacancies for more than 3 years with staged apartment videos and these are the realities of our industry today:
  1. People believe 80% of what they see with their own eyes and only 20% of what they read
  2. Staged apartment videos allow people to see apartments they’re interested in, reducing the number of places they must physically visit
  3. When they visit after viewing a video, they only go to verify what they already saw–and to smell the air in the building to be sure it’s clean. (Seriously, they do this…even you do this.)
  4. Beige boxes rent slower than beautifully furnished staged apartments. Showing the same space without furniture removes its perspective. Remember the artist MC Escher? No matter how long you studied his artwork, the perspective kept changing (and the stairs kept going up and down!) Without perspective, residents can’t tell if their sofa art will fit in the room or not
  5. Residents don’t live on the outside of your building. Showcasing pictures of big buildings is old, tired marketing. (64% of smartphone owners use their mobile device to shop online…they want interactive media, like videos and images to share on social media.)
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