7 Secrets to Your Better Bottom Line-Secret 5

OK, it’s time for Secret #5 in my series, “7 Secrets To Your Better Bottom Line.” Eighty percent of the market for apartment rentals are people who need to rent a place to live. Only 20% are people who choose to rent. That means you’re in the “need to rent” business at least 80% of each month. Staging a beautifully furnished apartment and then creating a professional video with voiceover is the marketing strategy that optimizes this business reality. I’ve discovered 6 secrets to staging an apartment effectively.
  1. Pick furniture and decoration that makes residents feel it’s desirable and achievable, furniture they can afford to buy. Choose light, brightly colored pieces. Good quality, but inexpensive
  2. Stage it so residents see they could live there with their furniture. Lay it out so they see how much fits into the space
  3. Don’t decorate so it looks like somebody else lives there. No personal photographs, personal effects, or curtains. When you show an over-decorated apartment, residents can’t visualize their own furniture and artwork there.
  4. Select wall art with dimensions big enough to occupy available wall space, so residents can say, “I could put my 32×32 Picasso replica right there over the couch!” or “I could frame a Van Gogh poster and it will fit beautifully right between those 2 windows.”
  5. The perfect bedroom holds a double bed, 2 dressers, 2 end tables, 2 lamps and a chair or computer desk.
  6. A “beige box” shows residents no perspective. The perfect living room/dining room contains a couch, loveseat, 2 chairs, a big center table, 2 end tables and artwork on the walls

Staging is an art. As Jean Alebeek at Morguard said, “I can’t believe how great your staged apartments look! you really do excellent work…we love it”
But it’s an art that attracts a more desirable tenant, and allows you to charge a little more rent!
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