Charge Higher Rents, Lease Faster, & Improve Your Resident Profile

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Lakeview Place Unstaged Apartment
Lakeview Place Staged Apartment
In today’s economy, many home owners have dumped long term mortgage obligations in favor of flexible rental residence for their families. The demand for rental properties today is higher than it has been since the late 1980’s, and this puts you, the property manager, in the driver’s seat. You don’t have to take the first applicant who walks through the door…be picky, and charge higher rents for the first class properties you are leasing. Make sure you are getting the new residents you want, by offering them something that appeals to them, and something that looks like what they could achieve on a low budget in a fine apartment. Stage your apartments with appealing furniture, and attract people who own the kind of furniture you are staging….know your target market, and talk to them. Enjoy the benefits of Apartment Staging: 1) Staging apartments increases the rents you can charge 2) Staging apartments creates immediate demand for the apartment, as prospects can identify with what they see 3) Get away from the ‘boring beige box’ and do some excellent marketing on a shoestring budget Let’s face it…one could compete on price, or one can compete on quality of product. Compete on product and earn a well-deserved higher price for your rentals. Start reaping the benefits of Apartment Staging today, fill out the form to the right, call us at 888-762-7181, or email ian (at)