Renting Red Flags

Which is more important renting the unit or satisfying the residents?

We, at, wish to share with you some tips on what renters look for and what sets off Red Flags in a rental. It’s no secret that prospective residents look at a rental as their future home. They are thorough and unforgiving when it comes to what they look for and what they want to see. We want to offer you some insight on what we have found renters like and don’t like in rentals. Some of these points are ‘no brainer’ ideas, but you would be surprised to know most of these are not followed in many buildings, causing many renters to turn away and look elsewhere.
    1. Cleanliness. If you have not staged your unit, at least make sure the unit is free of garbage. Vacuum the unit, wipe down the counters, clean the bathroom, and make sure outlet switches are free of dirty fingerprints.
    2. Professional onsite-manager. Residents will have plenty of contact with this individual, so make sure you pick someone professional, friendly, honest, and personable.
    3. Safety. Residents want to feel safe where they live. Working security cameras, proper lighting, and functioning locks are the main things residents look for.
    4. Modern and functional appliances. When a resident sees an old stove or fridge they immediate get turned off. This doesn’t mean you must only have the newest appliances on the market today, just make sure they are current and in great working order. Having high efficiency appliances is not only a bonus for your pocket book, but if the residents pay their own bills, they will appreciate them as well.
    5. Clean and modern laundry facilities. It doesn’t hurt to have smart card machines so residents do not have to save their coins. Or perhaps if coin operated machines are all you have, install a coin machine in the laundry room so residents can convert their cash into coin in a pinch.
    6. Ample parking or well maintained and well lit parking area. Residents can sometimes tell what the interior of the building is like just by inspecting the parking lot. If the parking lot is full of beat-up cars, cars up on blocks, or garbage, residents will be turned away assuming the interior will not be kept up as well.
    7. Flexiblity. Renters want to be able to visit the building on their schedule, not yours. So set up a model suite for anyone to view at anytime and then work out a schedule for viewing the actual unit at a later date. If the property manager or onsite staff aren’t willing to be flexible with potential residents, they won’t be willing to give them a chance.

Are you giving residents what they want?

Or are you setting off Red Flags???


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