Our video production services include

Professionally Staged Apartment Videos
Industrial Videos
Multilingual Videos
Personal Profile Videos
Professionally Staged Apartment Videos top
Rather than showing potential residents ‘beige box’ apartments that are empty and sterile, let ApartmentVideo.ca stage your suites, and show your potential residents a glimpse at the possibilities available. We will stage your suite, capture professional high definition photographs, and create a high quality video. Our videos are crafted with the strictest attention to detail. With professionally voiced narration, on location shooting, and dynamic editing, we show a potential resident not only what their new home may look like, but also, what their community will feel like. More qualified leads are guaranteed. The Staging Difference
Industrial Videos  top
Industrial and commercial properties require on-site visits to be leased. Why not send out-of-town or foreign-based clients a short video of the building you believe is suitable for their needs? Properties must have many features and amenities to meet the decision making process. Your video will include them all: access to major transport arteries, airports, and logistics support, available labour pool and the qualifications of potential employees, tax incentives, health care, and public transport. Use our established services and let us create a professional video that has all the details your future tenants are looking for.
Personal Profile Videos  top
Speak directly to your target audience with personal videos. With “eyeball-to-eyeball” direct communication, your target audience will instantly put a face to your company name, and develop a healthy respect for your business. What President, CEO and entrepreneur doesn’t like to be the star of his own reality show? Personal profile videos are honest straight forward videos suitable for company websites.
Multilingual Videos  top
Professionally voiced narration is available in the language of your choice. Consider your resident population. Do you have a large number of foreign students? Wouldn’t it be great for their parents to watch the video in their native language? Is your building located in a bilingual city? Why not offer bilingual videos? We have mastered second language videos in French, Chinese, Spanish, and German.  
Here at Apartment video we strive to offer our clients more than just great videos. Below are some great options to increase your exposure.
Ad Management and Listing
Join the millions of successful businesses who advertise on Facebook; one of the strongest and most visited social networking sites currently available with over 500 million active users. We create the ad for you and post it on Facebook where your target audience is chosen by location, age, and interests. Just sit back while your ad generates leads for you.
Social Media
One of the newest promotional tools for companies today is Social Media. It allows companies to share news, images, video, and more – instantly. Here at Apartment Video, we want you to be able to take advantage of this tool. We offer complete management of your social media outlets. We will create a Facebook company page and a Twitter account. Not only will we create and monitor your accounts, we will update them regularly with any and all information you want to share with your target audience.
With our extensive and professional video production and all our ad management tools, you will allow prospective residents to confidently rent one of your apartments without visiting its location first.