7 Secrets to a Better Bottom Line – Secret 2

You know how a full-page print ad to market a vacancy costs approximately $5,000? You stopped that, right? Well, It’s probably also costing you another $1,000 per year in fees per apartment building if you subscribe to ‘paid for’ Internet Listing Services (ILS). Using a ‘paid for’ Internet Listing Service is so 2010…It’s time to break that habit too. In the New Normal, managing the bottom line is not an option, it is a necessity. Imagine wiping those fees off your balance sheet and getting the same results (likely better) by driving internet traffic to your own website.
Here are 5 simple steps to make the transition from old marketing to social marketing:
  1. Use merchandising strategies to stage beautifully furnished units that appeal to any renter and makes them say, “I want to live there!”
  2. Create an apartment video for each staged apartment model
  3. Post hi-res professionally acquired photos in every online ad
  4. Post your videos on your own YouTube channel
  5. Run ads on free listings like www.FreeRentalSite.com, Craigslist, Kijiji, and other free services with links that drive traffic back to your website, not to the ILS (where residents finish looking at your property and jump immediately to your competitor).
  6. Save up to 42% off your marketing budget– straight to the bottom line–and fill your vacancies faster.
Bold move? Absolutely. But totally do-able. Here’s what Wayne Tuck, VP Operations | COO, Centurion Property Associates Inc., the leading property management firm in Canada, said about this strategy:
“In looking to improve our website and overall marketing effort, we engaged TBM Productions to stage and photograph our apartment portfolio. TBM provided a cost-effective solution for our business; the results were impressive and clearly allowed us to better articulate our value proposition to our prospective customers.”
Let’s connect—this week. You could reduce expenses like this in the next three months. I’ll show you how. To your better bottom line!

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