7 Secrets to a Better Bottom Line – Secret 3

Let’s roll the video! After my last blog about how to eliminate the high cost of newspaper ad and ILS expenses from your balance sheet, I had people asking me, “Ian, how does your video & staging service work?” Let me explain…

1. First, you get a price quotation for our staging, photography, and video services and approve it.

2. You provide us with the addresses and keys to your buildings and a date the units will be available for their video shoot.

3. We arrive that morning with our crew: The trained & certified professional stager, photographer, videographer, and my team of movers.

4. We pick up the keys at your office and then, under the professional stagers direction, my movers unpack the furniture, decorations, and accessories (including dishes, bed covers, photos and fresh fruit for color and contrast). Neither your building supervisor nor on-site staff are ever disturbed. No one at ApartmentVideo.ca has to lift a finger.

5. We stage the apartment in the morning. At noon the photographer / videographer begins shooting. By 5pm, we’re packed up and gone.

6. The next day, all your photos are delivered and ready for posting to your website.

7. You approve the video. We post it to several video hosting services, like YouTube, and manage your classified ad campaigns.

8. You count your savings, and give yourself a raise.

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